soccer instruction video
soccer instruction video

Videocoach Vogelsinger's Soccer Series

soccer instruction video

Hubert Vogelsinger, master teacher and dynamic coach for over 25 years, presents the Videocoach Soccer Series, an extensive, five-title video collection. Sharing his innovative style of coaching, Videocoach Vogelsinger inspires players to fall in love with the game and to meet the challenges of the sport.

Volume One: Vogelsinger's Soccerobics

This is a system of ingeniously designed exercises with the ball incorporating soccer skills with aerobic conditioning and physical development. The exercises are graduated and progressive and offer the advantage of working at a high repetition rate for improving fitness or a more methodical rate to improve technique. The system utilizes muscle memory and visualization and reinforces basic tactics, ball control & other basic running skills. 87 Minutes
$29.95 K4251PS

Volume Two: Vogelsinger's Kicking

This program emphasizes scoring goals, passing and interpassing. Vogelsinger's unique demonstrations and exercises pinpoint the most crucial points - reinforced by slow motion replays and World Cup action shots - to systematically teach the most detailed aspects of kicking techniques. First principles taught are instep training, the power kick for scoring, inside of the foot for passing and interpassing, then outside of the foot training for finesse and deception. Vogelsinger encourages self-teaching by enabling players to first visualize the correct movement and then to feel it kinaesthetically. The method is especially useful in eliminating any problems in kicking that may have developed. 105 Minutes
$29.95 K4252PS

Volume Three: Vogelsinger's Dribbling & Feinting

Learn effective dribbling & feinting skills for running with the ball in this two part program enhanced by slow motion replays and professional game footage. Part A concentrates on the basic dribbling techniques and skills that every soccer player must be inspired to learn.Part B focuses on sophisticated dribbling and feinting combinations. This video is designed to inspire players to develop the confidence to use dribbling and feinting in the game. 71 Minutes
$29.95 K4253PS

Volume Four: Vogelsinger's Ball Control

Any part of the body, feet or head can be used to control the ball. Expert instruction from Vogelsinger explains different techniques available to deal with the ball efficiently and with poise. You'll learn how to -Receive the ball on the ground - with sole, inside or outside of the foot. Trap - with shin, sole, inside or outside of the foot. Control the ball in the air - with inside, outside, chest, thigh and head. You'll learn decision making techniques as to which part of the body to use and absorb the pace of the ball and a full set of exercises to grasp and effectively learn sensitive details of ball control. This is a fresh new approach to truly understanding the body movement and techniques necessary to master the ball at all times. 88 Minutes
$29.95 K4254PS

Volume Five: Vogelsinger's Super Skills & Heading

Special kicks & tricks, heading, ball contact & body movement are taught in this 2 part program. Part A highlights super skills such as chip passes, banana shots, side volleys, overhead scissor volleys and more. Each skill is carefully reviewed and demonstrated - with slow motion replays and world game action footage.Part B features heading - considered by many to be the most unique skill in soccer. This section deals with the proper contact and body movement for offensive and defensive heading, dive heading, heading for the goal and more. This video takes a close look at what allows superstars to do things with the ball that seem to be impossible. Understanding what's behind these moves is the first step towards gaining these super skills yourself. 100 Minutes
$29.95 K4255PS

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